Hi, I am Amir Alizade the designer and maker behind the MéTUD workshop. I’ve started my journey to tableware design during my studies at the university working on various projects and developing my making & prototyping skills. After graduating, I’ve developed a few of my product concepts (mug, candle holder,egg cup, coffee cup,…) and produced my very first ceramic collection collaborating with some of Milanese artisans and workshops.not quite satisfied with the results of low-fired earthenware couple of years later decided to begin a new adventure and take control of the whole Manufacturing process. So I began to enrich my ceramic knowledge and developing my skills as a maker.


After a period of experimenting & prototyping opened my small workshop and started to produce the first stoneware collection, which is carefully designed, and crafted with accurate attention to detail. Pieces are slip-cast from high quality porcelain or stoneware clay, hand finished and fired to high temperature.
My goal is achieving a well-balanced combination of form & function in every single object that I design and make. Objects which are contemporary, simple & versatile and fit perfectly to any interior at the home or in the office.